2020 HydroPower: An Xtreme Water Ski Show, Sea World San Antonio, TX

HydroPower is an exhibition style water ski show slam packed with every aspect of show style water skiing. This fast paced, high energy water ski show features exciting personal watercraft action, freestyle jumping, barefooting and wakeboarding. All this is with upbeat, cool tunes and superior boat driving to deliver a one of a kind show on the liquid stage.

World Entertainment Services, LLC is currently seeking show skiers for the 2020 HydroPower Water Ski Show at Sea World San Antonio. Training and rehearsals begin the end of May and the show runs thru August 9th, 2020. If you are seeking to pursue your passion of show skiing and bring it to a professional show team, please contact us. For further information, please complete the form below or contact:

Jessica De Porter
[email protected]
(262) 374-4669

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